Starting a Music Revolution


Digital product launch

The BBC have some of the most respected music presenters and DJs in the world, and wanted to find an effective way to collate their playlists and recommendations in one place.

A major obstacle stood in their way: the BBC isn’t able to sell or stream music. Stereo was brought on board to create a digital music product that would overcome this challenge. 

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The public has a lot of respect for the BBC’s DJs, but were crying out for a way to collate, listen and share the music they recommended. We knew we’d have to host the playlists on streaming services popular in the UK to gain enough traction for Playlister to succeed.

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We created Playlister, a new digital product allowing listeners to create a playlist of music found across BBC platforms and then add to their own playlists. We worked with the BBC to create the full brand experience.

Playlister Film


Partnering with Spotify, Deezer and YouTube enabled Playlister to become a successful product for the BBC. With approximately 1 million subscribers, as of 2016, Playlister has now evolved into a key part of the new BBC Music offering.