Try, Rate and Share New Ideas, with BBC Taster.


Digital product launch

The BBC wanted to launch a digital platform which would give people the chance to try, rate and share experimental ideas from the BBC.

We worked closely with them to expand the visual language and evolve a style that would entice the audience into an evolving world of fresh ideas and innovation.


We utilised BBC Taster’s content calendar to determine that it would skew towards a younger demographic. Research revealed a sweet spot that married the type of content with this audience – Maker Culture, a DIY technology subculture that intersects with a number of key online audiences.



We created the BBC Taster visual language and a brand launch film that would pay homage to Maker Culture, while staying approachable to the general public. The style and imagery is based around moveable 3D shapes combined with handmade sketches, representing the DIY, free-flowing feel of this exciting new content.

Maker Culture Brand

We created the BBC Taster brand and an ad that would pay homage to Maker Culture, while staying approachable by the general public.


The platform launched to high acclaim and intrigue from press such as The Guardian and The Independent as well digital blogs. A launch event kicked it all off at BBCHQ. The Taster vision continues to grow and is being strongly supported with social media activity.