Introducing a new kind of bank.


Digital platform

It’s time for a good bank. One that works together with consumers to build a better life with money.

The brief was to create a digital platform for an emerging bank that is serious, highly competent and trusted yet fresh, ambitious, innovative and disruptive.

The website will ultimately become the full public face of the bank, offering a variety of experiences and journeys for new and existing customers. Whether they are just trying to work out who Tandem Bank are and what’s different, or they’re coming to check the terms of their loan, or they’re heard about the cool co-founder movement.


Research showed that people’s relationship and trust with their banks were broken. Consumers need a bank that is zero hassle, pro-active and personal. A tech-savvy audience also required a bank that was modern and trustworthy.


We set out to build a multi-platform website to meet the target audience’s expectations and needs. It needed to engage visitors in the story of building the bank - a good bank built by real people. Creatively it had to be unique and disruptive and yet universally trusted.

The site was created to build excitement and generate a shared experience with the uniqueness and clarity of the proposition – from an eye-catching welcome experience, to unique areas like co-founders and engagement. All with the prospect of a bank built by people and as such doing things very differently.

The vision is a picture of high competency and innovation alike – it demonstrates serious banking credentials but also disruptive ambition.


The community is growing rapidly. Within the first week of the public launch over 1,500 people have invested, and Tandem hit their 1 million target. With an extended deadline they have gone on to raise over 2 million and counting.