The British Museum your way.

The British Museum

Product launch film

The British Museum, one of the world’s biggest museums of history and culture, needed help to launch and increase awareness of their new innovative audio tour guides.

They also needed to make visitors familiar with the benefits and understand how much it can expand their museum experience.

We worked with The British Museum throughout the audio guide development process, collaborating closely with the heads of marketing and product teams to ensure a successful 360-degree launch campaign for the new Audio Guide.


Visitors are time conscious and want to get the most out of their visit. They perceived the audio guide as a hindrance instead of a quick way of finding out about the museum’s most popular features. The content needed to address these misconceptions as well as showcase the device benefits with a nod to features.


The British Museum your way.

Stereo worked with The British Museum to create an innovative 5-way split-screen film ‘The British Museum your way’, highlighting key facilitating factors that the new guide offers - translated into 10 different languages and special themed tours. The film was customised for use in the museum, online and social platforms globally, within the guide, as well as being used for in-flight entertainment for the guide’s sponsor, Korean Air.


Situated in the museum entrance, in one year, the film has been seen by over 6 million visitors and by a 40 million virtual audience, thus enabling the world’s most famous free attraction an increase in revenue stream.