Why Do They
Pay That Way?


Digital Insights Platform

Worldpay is a global leader in payments processing technology and solutions for merchant customers.

Stereo was approached by Worldpay to help them create an online discovery destination where businesses in the Airlines, Travel and Retail sector could get a more strategic insight into the global spending behaviours of consumers across these three verticals.


Personalisation has become increasingly important when optimizing data to improve customer experience. Understanding a consumer’s thinking at the point of purchase can be a vital ingredient to successful marketing and sales conversion.


Stereo worked to create ‘Why do they pay that way?’, a go-to intuitive and interactive dashboard that communicates Worldpay’s insights across the 3 business sectors, covering research and data from 32,000 consumers across 11 markets in a creative, engaging and user-friendly way.

The idea was to make it as quick and simple for the users to get their required data insights. All they have to do is to enter their target market and select countries of interest and the tool will reveal an entire wealth of data.


Why do they pay that way?’ is a long-term, powerful sales tool for both existing customers and new business leads. The platform has won numerous marketing awards for its unique approach to creating engaging data.